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New bone defect filler for regenerative medicine

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How does FlexiOss® work?

FlexiOss®, a so-called „artificial bone”, after implantation undergoes an integration with a patient’s bone tissue in a beneficial manner and is slowly remodelled and replaced with natural bone tissue. This eliminates the necessity of reoperation in order to remove the implanted biomaterial. Thus, the patient’s stress and pain are limited to the minimum.


FlexiOss® is a modern implantable biomaterial of the third generation:


Biphasic (hydroxyapatite-polymeric), bioactive, supporting the regeneration of bone tissue and a potential drug carrier.

The combination of two main compounds of the composite was obtained by polymer gelling into the structure of irreversible, collagen-like triple helix – the conformation which does not evoke the appearance of local inflammation processes and enables the entrapment of HAP granulate.

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Medical Inventi

The FlexiOss® brand owner and bio-composite manufacturer is Medical Inventi S.A., with its HQ in Lublin (Poland). The Company investigates, develops, and markets innovative solutions in the field of medical products, focusing on improving the quality of life.

The Company is the exclusive owner of the know-how and patent technology of FlexiOss® — an innovative bone-substitute bio-composite based on synthetic hydroxyapatite, which supports the reconstruction of defective bones.